Double Drawn Hair 101

Double Drawn Hair 101

As you are shopping around for hair extensions for the first time, you may be coming across the term double drawn hair and might be wondering what it means, how it compares to single drawn hair, and which of the two options fills your need.


Double Drawn simply means that the shorter hairs that were contained within the bundle of hair were individually removed and then replaced with longer stranded hairs.


Double Drawn hair provides the maximum appearance of volume and fullness from tip to end. This manufacturing technique reduces the unwanted appearance of tapered, sparse, stringy ends that often the finalized result of single drawn hair.


 The additional labor and effort that goes into producing double drawn hair causes  them to be priced higher than average. But it's worth the value if you are going after a look that is naturally glamorous, polished and uniformed.


The varying hair length which single drawn bundle contains makes it so that the bottom are tapered choppier, thin.


Single drawn hair are made up a varying number of different lengths within the hair extensions to mimic the natural hair growth.  Because of the less maintenance that goes into crafting the single drawn, makes it for a more cost effective and popular choice.



Often times, the ends to single drawn wefts need to be further trimmed to achieve more evenness.


 Atelier Hair Extensions from both collections are double drawn as shown above. The color that is shown is from our Absolute Volume Collection in Natural Copper.


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