Absolute Volume Guide

Are Volume Hair Extensions Right For Me?
  • Volume  Hair Extensions are the best option if you are looking for a noncommittal, time saving way achieve a volume boost to your hair. Absolute Volume Hair extensions are suitable for anyone with fine to thick hair.
  • The invisi-string and clips are both removable features to accommodate different ways of wearing Volume  Hair Extensions. The invisi string can become unhooked and adjusted to your desirable comfort. There are 4 different size fittings. Each individual clip is backed by a slim velcro material.  Each weft are machine pressed allowing for it to sit flatly against your hair as possible.
  • If your hair texture is on the finer texture, you might have the concern of not having enough hair to conceal the appearance of bumps. This can be remedied by removing the invisi string and  clipping the 3-clip weft  on a lower sectioned portion of your head. This provides a remarkable blend. 
  • Volume  Hair Extensions is living proof that natural looking volume is within reach to anyone who dares to boldly imagine.
  • For individuals with thick textured hair, you will find that Volume  Hair Extensions extensions will give you extra oomph, voluminous drama and added layer of volume for a glamorous and rapunzel-esque hair style.

How To Properly Put on Volume  Hair Extensions?

Step 1: Brush your hair until it's untangled.

Step 2: Part the crown section of your hair. Next, secure it in place with a hair clip.

Step 3. Allow the front sections of your hair down.

Step 4: Adjust the the invisi string to best fit the circumference of your head. Put it over your head.

Step 5: Fasten the 3 clips for extra security to help your Absolute Volume maintain hold throughout the day.

Step 6: Let down the rest of your hire. Brush until it is naturally blended.

Voila! You are now ready to seize the day!


How Do Volume Hair Extensions Stay Secured In Place?

Two extra clips are included can be attached at each edge of the weft by pressing it into the velcro material. The velcro material has enough holding power to stay put in place